Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What do we do?

Eve Boswell Method of Voice Production Consists of the following levels of study and examinations: • Beginners Course In this course all the very important fundamentals are mastered. With these fundamental skills, a singer will have what it takes to ensure the health of the vocal mechanism and correct production of tone and voice. Students learn how to prepare a repertoire of 5 different genres. • Intermediate Course In this level of vocal studies the flexibility of the voice is challenged as well as the expansion of vocal range. A thoroughs tudy of performance confidence and microphone technique is also done. The student has to prepare a repertoire of 7 different genres. • Advanced Course During this level of studies the voice is technically challenged to a professional level of performance and control. A repertoire of 9 genres is prepared with full performance excellence and ‘concert-style performance’. Vocal Technique, Theory of Music & Vocal Physics Vocal technique will develop the voice to a skill full, powerful and trained instrument. Technique studies consist of the following: • Voice Warm-up sequences • Vocal Exercises to train the ear and intonation • Vocal Exercises to improve flexibility and agility • Vocal Exercises to teach volume control • Vocal Exercises to teach how to switch between vocal registers • Breathing Exercises (diaphragmatic Intercostal Breathing) • Breathing drills • Basic Theory of music to encourage sight reading • Microphone technique • Voice Projection • Stage Performance (Develop confidence to sing in front of an audience) • Safe “power singing” methods • Vocal Exercises for power singing • In depth study of vocal physics and anatomy

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